(1) Creative content is invited across all the genres of the creative and cultural industries as recognized by the United Nations
(2) The content must be easy to upload on DigiFlex and must be a maximum of 250MB??
(3) The creative content can be uploaded as video clips, audio clips, still photos, portraits and live presentations
(4) Persons intending to upload their creative content will be subjected to a simple registration process
(5) The creative content uploaded on DigiFlex will undergo quality standards verification stage before it is published for general viewership; this is to ensure that the content published does not contravene the set requirements
(6) A limit of 2 uploads per person per week will apply
(7) Approved content will be PUBLISHED on DigiFlex within 30 – 45 minutes after uploading
(8) Rejected content will NOT BE PUBLISHED and regret messages will be forwarded accordingly
(9) The uploaded and published content on DigiFlex will be categorized for ease of access to viewers
(10) The published content will be viewable and downloadable FREE for 3 days; thereafter every download will be minimally charged @ R20.00 per download
(11) LIVE presentations will be viewable @ R50.00 per registered viewer on a date and time advertised prior to going LIVE!!
(12) The IP rights of the content uploaded on DigiFlex remains that of the owner and may be ceded to DigiFlex on agreed terms and conditions between the content owner and CCMovement
(13) The published content will remain ACTIVE on DigiFlex ONLY IF it generates 50 LIKES every week
(14) Persons who wish to auction their creative works on DigiFlex will be subjected to terms and conditions that govern the industry and generally accepted standards will be observed